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Scope of Services

Drug and Alcohol Policy Review and Revision

For years we have been making suggestions on how to change, edit, revise, improve, become more compliant, add and delete specific information to organizations existing drug and alcohol policy.  As regulations and needs change, so should your existing policy.  Ridge provides annual policy review and will work with your legal counsel to ensure your D & A policy is current relative to state and local guidelines.

Awareness and Prevention Workshops

Our workshops and training's have enlightened HR professionals, managers, union officials and employees by emphasizing that a safe work environment is a drug free environment.  Ridge provides concrete methods and real life examples of the proper handling of awkward and potentially dangerous situations on the job. 

Observed Screens

Speaking honestly from professional experience, ANYONE can beat a drug screen if it is not observed.  If your organization is currently performing "on the job" random testing and your collections are not observed, Ridge Recovery Services will provide that service.

Assessment and Evaluation

Ridge Recovery Services provide assessments and evaluations to assess the individuals specific level of care needs.  We are proficient and trained in the two primary methods of assessment and evaluation.  The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM, used nationwide) and The Pennsylvania Client Placement Criteria (PCPC). 

Unbiased and Independent Treatment Recommendations

Ridge Recovery Services has no financial relationships with any of our service providers or treatment facilities.  Level of care and referral decisions are based upon the clients needs, and if applicable, their insurance carrier and level of benefits.

Assist in Securing treatment and transportation

After assessment, Ridge will arrange admissions at the appropriate facility within 24 to 48 hours.  If transportation becomes an issue, we will work with the treatment provider to arrange safe transportation.

Continued Case Management Upon Completion

After completing the recommended treatment, Ridge will assist the client in early recovery through weekly calls or meetings for the first three months.  This continual communication provides us with an opportunity to assess the individuals progress and provide support and experience on any recovery related issues.  After the first three months Ridge will call or meet with the client monthly for the next nine months.

Peer Referral Programs

Returning to work after treatment can sometimes be traumatic and dangerous.  At Ridge, we have experience in creating a work environment that is supportive of recovery.  Organizations that contract with us periodically allow us to solicit other recovering employees or members from their system.  These fellow recovering individuals volunteer to be on-the-job support for the returning client.  This support within the work environment can be the difference between long term recovery or relapse.

Utilization Reporting

Ridge Recovery Services with provide monthly utilization reports anonymously highlighting how many times we were contacted and the action taken.  Due to Federal Confidentiality Laws, we can not divulge the individuals identity unless we are provided written consent. 

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