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Ridge Recovery Services is an Employee or Member Assistance Program Specializing Exclusively in Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Awareness and Rehabilitation.  Our Industry Leading Experience Provides the Appropriate Balance to Assist Organizations and Institutions In Their Implementation of Drug and Alcohol Policy While Maintaining a Sense of Empathy and Duty for Those That are Affected.

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Tim "Dr. G" Grealish 
Founder and Principal

Tim Grealish has been clean and sober for over 31 years and 30 of those years have been spent working in the treatment business.  He has worked for multiple rehabs in Western Pennsylvania facilitating primary and family therapy groups, EAP and MAP services.  Tim has developed relationships with treatment centers, Substance Abuse Professionals, Medical Review Officers, therapists and psychiatrists all over the country.  Tim is a Certified Intervention Specialist, also nationally certified and travels throughout the United States helping addicts and their families find a new, drug and alcohol-free way to live.

Tim has become a very popular national speaker on many recovery related topics.   His own personal experiences with the 12 steps, relationships, medication in recovery and simply living clean and sober afford him credibility and experience that not many people can offer.

His principle interest has always revolved around working with Unions.  In the Union rich atmosphere of Western Pa Tim has become the “go to” guy for many of the BA’s and BM’s.  His prompt response time and ability to connect with rank and file has become an invaluable asset that union leaders have come to rely on.

Tim’s talents extend to advising and writing drug and alcohol policy.  He is also adept at work-place training on all issues revolving around drug and alcohol abuse.  His training's have included union officials, shop stewards, company managers, contractors and human resource professionals.

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Bradford J. Hanes MS, MBA, LPC, NCC
Founder and Principal

Brad has been helping individuals achieve long term recovery for nearly 10 years.  He is experienced and knowledgeable regarding both providers and appropriate levels of care.  Brad is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with his own practice, Shape Mental Health & Wellness, LLC.  In addition, he is an Operations Director with Journey Health Care and a therapist with Betterhelp.  Prior to his own organizations, Brad was the Clinical Director of various Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Western PA. Brad has extensive knowledge and experience in working with labor unions and the public sectors.  As a recovering addict, Brad understands and has experienced all the struggles and challenges associated with the disease of addiction along with the freedom of sustained recovery.  He currently holds an M.S in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from California University of Pennsylvania, an M.B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh and a B.S. in Finance from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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